With Natalie Tours you can order a wide range of excursions, both for the groups and for the individuals.
Below you may find descriptions of the most popular and basic tours of St. Petersburg and its surroundings.

Though don’t forget that it is always more to discover and to see apart the main touristic sights!

Per request we always ready to create a special tour depending on your interests!
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CITY-TOUR (3h by car or bus)

It’s a good start to form the whole impression of the city and to see the most key monumemts at once.
Tour includes the main places of tourist interest with short stops. The tourists will be shown Nevsky Prospect, Kazan Cathedral, St Isaak’s Cathedral, the Admiralty, the Palace Square with the legendary Winter Palce , the marvelous Split,of Bazil’s Island, the Peter and Paul Fortress, Menshikov Palace, Academy of Fine Arts, Smolny Cathedral, Anichkov Palace, monument to Catherine the GreatOur Saviour-on-the-Spilled Blood, Griboyedov Canal.

TOUR to the HERMITAGE (3h)

The State Hermitage Museum is one of the most famous and largest museums in the world. So, of course here there are many things to watch and occupy yourself not even for a day but for a week or even two!!! But our tour might help at least to understand its interiors, grand scale and see at least some masterpieces to return then here again!
The collection shows the development of art and material culture in the West and the East from prehistoric times to the present days. There are remarkable collections of paintings, prints, sculptures as well as tapestries, carpets, archeological finds, furniture and unique articles of jewellery here. The Hermitage Museum has its collection in more than 350 halls and includes 6 buildings: together with the legendary Winter Palace - the former parade residence of Russian Emperors.


This excursion combine panoramic city tour together with the inside visit of the Hermitage.


Peterhof is a great imperial palace and park ensemble of the 18th century. It is situated 29 km from St.Petersburg. In Summer-time it is especially attractive to walk in its green labyrinths, to breath the air of the Gulf of Finland and to enjoy the fountains in LOWER PARK (summer time). But be aware, keep ready your umbrella! There are some traps for inattentive tourists, where hidden fountains can shot the streams of water at the very unexpected moment!
Moreover we include a visit to the GRAND PALACE during the whole year where the gusts can enjoy the luxurious emperor decors.

TOUR to PUSHIN-CITY (4-4,5h)

The town of Pushkin, 24 km from St.Petersburg, was founded in 1701 as a countryside residence of Russian emperors. It was the place of study of young Pushkin, the dominant Russian poet, who wrote a lot about this magnetic place. The city is patronized by UNESCO/ Its nature, the famous Imperial Catherine Palace and the unique poetic atmosphere inspire people for more than 300 years here. During this excursion the travellers will visit the Catherine Palace and inside see one of the legendary Amber Chamber. It is an architectural and design masterpiece which was stolen after the World War 2 but completely restored and again open to the public since 2003.


The town of Pavlovsk is situated 25 km south from St.Petersburg and is included into UNESCO list. The main attention of all the tourists coming here is focused first of all on the marvelous PALACE of Russian emperor Paul and on the PARK ENSEMBLE of the 18th century. It impresses by the large scale area of 600 ha and natural landscapes, where you can take a deep breath, interesting pictures of the last epoch and just relax a bit from noise and hustle of big city.


This excursion is offered during the summer time when the navigation season is possible down the Neva river. It is a possibility to take irresistible romantic night city views of St Petersburg, the so-called "Russian Northern Venice"!

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