With Natalie Tours you can order a wide range of excursions, both for the groups and for the individuals.
Below you may find descriptions of the most popular and basic tours of Moscow.

Though of course in such a big city there are no limits for discoveries. It is the city where something new happens everyday. Don’t miss our cultural advertisements. New park spaces, modern art galleries, observation platforms and bunkers, avant-garde architecture, scientific exhibitions, retro-car museum …Just tell us, what you personally would prefer!

Per request we always ready to create a special tour depending on your interests!
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CITY TOUR (3h by car/bus)

Good choice to start acquaintance with the city!
You will see the dominant sights, noted in all guide-books about Moscow, and will be able to take your own update pictures of this sacred places. The guide will male short stops at the most iconic places. The legendary Red Square, the colourful St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Theatre Square with the Bolshoy and Maly theatres, Lyubyanka Square with former KGB building, the Observation platform on the Sparrow Hills, the Olympic Stadium, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Novodevichiy Convent, Cathedral of Christ the Savior and many other sights are included!


This excursion combine the panoramic city tour of Moscow with the INSIDE VISIT of legendary colourful St.Basil?s Cathedral on the Red Square.
The tourists will see its unique architectural design and experience catacomb system of staircases and low colourful ceilings and enjoy one of the wonders of medieval Russian art.
In 2012 the Cathedral celebrates its 450th anniversary and was completely restored. Special exhibitions are prepared!

TOUR of UNDERGROUND and VISIT of the STATE TRETYAKOV GALLERY, Main building (4 ? 4.5h)

Moscow metro stations boast a unique design and rich history. Pompous Soviet stations, stations in the style of gothic palaces with stained glass, rich gilded decorations and wall pictures are worth seeing! You can see the development of Russian history and guess the ideological accents witnessing the variety of these stations!
After the metro-tour the tourists will visit Moscow State Tretyakov Gallery (Classical building art till the 20th century). The Museum embraces the period from the 10th to 20th century. All schools of Russian painting - from ancient icons to avant-guard are represented here.

*Note, that the State Tretyakov Gallery has 2 buildings: the art of 20th century and avant-garde is to be found in the Modern Building (on Krymsky Val) and the icons and Classical art periods are represented in the Main Complex (Lavrushinsky, 10). They are situated in different parts of the city.
In this excursion we offer to visit Main building. But it is possible to change per request or combine the tour to both buildings.


City is situated 80 km from Moscow and famous as a monastery city. Here the legendary Troitse-Sergieva Lavra (Trinity Monastery of St Sergy, 14 th century).
Tour might be interesting for those who do not feel indifferent to the traditional Russian architecture and orthodox history. Sometimes Sergiev Posad is called “the Russian orthodox Vatican”…Explore!

MOSCOW KREMLIN and the WALKING TOUR of the City-Centre (3h)

The Kremlin is situated at the very hear of Moscow and is one of the main tourist attractions! If you are interested in the Russian architecture and history, welcome behind the legendary Red Brick Walls! You will learn a lot of Riussian history and see the architectural monuments of 15th-20th centuries inside. Churches, Grand Cannon and Grand Bell, Monuments, guilded towers and frescoes inside the cathedrals. During our tour we offer INSIDE guided visits of 2 Cathedrals and of course a tour round the Cathedral Square..

After the Kremlin, the guests will walk together with the guide in the central neighborhood – and will visit the Alexander Garden, the Red Square with GUM, take a look at Tverskaya street and Theatre Square where the legendary Bolshoy Thetre is situated.

NIGHT MOSCOW, (3h by car or by bus)

Explore the charm of lights during the night panoramic tour of Moscow. The toursists will see the central sights of the city, which look absolutely different and much more mysterious at night. At summer time we include stops at the parks with colourful fountains.
During the tour the guests will visit the Observation platform near the Lomonosov State University, the theatre and Lyubyanka Squares, Tverskaya street, for sure they make again a stop on the Red Square, which is fantastic and quite different at night!

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